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My Views on Luna and how She is Depicted by Fandom

...Artworks and R34

I had to write this as I've seen so many things surrounding Luna and her promiscuous ways upon returning to Equestria, I find it's all just what people want to see and they don't actually think for a moment about how Luna really felt...
For starters, I see so many "Been away for 1000 years, she must be SO HORNY!" comments
>First off, Luna was sent to the moon where all contact to the outside world was cut-off, including her ability to learn of such things, people in the modern world have such urges as we're exposed to profanity daily in advertising, internet and all other media's, Luna got none of this so wouldn't feel such desires or need of them for that matter.
Even if ~Somehow~ she did know of such things, feeling horny and/or aroused would be the LAST of her concerns, think about this... imagine not eating for a week to the point where the pain is beginning to consume you, then spread that feeling across your
:iconwoona-tic:Woona-tic 0 9
2nd Attempt (Slightly Better) by Woona-tic 2nd Attempt (Slightly Better) :iconwoona-tic:Woona-tic 2 3 My Poor Attempt At Photoshoping A Test by Woona-tic My Poor Attempt At Photoshoping A Test :iconwoona-tic:Woona-tic 1 5 Angles and Stuff by Woona-tic Angles and Stuff :iconwoona-tic:Woona-tic 1 0 My New Longshot by Woona-tic My New Longshot :iconwoona-tic:Woona-tic 2 14
Online Relationships (Part 4)

...Lies and Deception

This will only be a short one as I've covered a lot of this is my previous rants.
I just wanna talk a little about how easily some people online can lie and keep/hide secrets from others that deserve to know. You've heard before that genders can be hidden, personal details and life facts can also be stowed away for own personal gain or to prevent harm on others but un-known to some, hiding can actually cause more damage than good when the truth comes out.
The above also applies to online relationships too, by lying to your partner about facts that should be told is only setting yourselves up for failure as nothing can be buried forever... let them know, make sure they're alright with it and move forward, a truthful relationship is a solid relationship.
:iconwoona-tic:Woona-tic 0 4
Online Relationships (Part 3)

I love you... Girl?

This has been an issue I've been meaning to write about for a while now, the topic of peoples genders and telling if they are who they say they are...
Alright, so the title of this rant is kinda focusing on a relationship with a girl but I felt it was a good place to start as 'Girl' is the most common form of deception as i'll state below soon enough after an introduction to the subject matter at hand.
Now we begin, something I've been noticing a lot recently is that many people like to hide their gender from others online and play the fašade of someone else, aka a girl pretending to be a guy and vice-versa. I have also been bitten by this many times before in the past when my abilities to deduce male from female weren't the best, though some are just really good at hiding it by sending photo's of 'Themselves' or doing a good voice mimicking the opposite gender.
There are three sides to this story though, all of which hav
:iconwoona-tic:Woona-tic 2 9
Online Relationships (Part 2)


Something i've been noticing a lot lately is people's inability to tell the difference between "Close Friend" and "Lover"
What i'm trying to point at here is the fact that some people will go into a relationship with another merely because they are good friends and not think about what it really means, this is best proven in Group Relationships... where people will be with multiple partners at once purely because there might be something there, they can't choose one or are an attention seeker. Love is not something you divide among many people, it's a bond you share with a partner, your partner to make them feel like the luckiest person in the world and the centre of your universe (I'd know).
Sure, it's easy to have many partners online but that ends there as once you carry that to real life (If at all) the feeling will quickly diminish as groups lead to favouritism, which leads to jealousy, outcast and eventual heartbreak for some
:iconwoona-tic:Woona-tic 2 7
Online Relationships

...and False Perceptions

I'm seeing friends crumble around me due to love affairs almost daily on the web... what do you define as love on the internet, how do people see this feeling and perceive it... is it real or just desires?
True love and romance is being able to hold your partner, go out on dates with them and be together, having a little kiss and staying in each-others company, but this "Online" love is just mere words, yet people openly express it to each-other, like it can be simply thrown around without a care, and taken away so easily without a wince... unknowing to the damage they may cause to others.
It's all fun and games till someone gets hurt...
Most People on the internet have lost the true meaning of love and romance, sure, there is RP stuff (ERP too if you're into that kind of thing), but even then... it's words, when you find true love in the real world, it takes your breath away, being able to talk to them face to face,
:iconwoona-tic:Woona-tic 5 13
My New PC '12 by Woona-tic My New PC '12 :iconwoona-tic:Woona-tic 1 4


What can I honestly say, I stumbled across this as a suggested artwork and shivered a little, I was caught by the flare Luna possesses....

First off, as mentioned previously, the originality of this piece is a nice change from some other works i've seen, this setting is jus...

Wow, this is really good for starters, just throughing that out there... The details are so sharp, from her body shape to the mane and ...

by aJVL

Wow, I haven't written one of these in a while, but here I go... This artwork is amazing, it looks so real, especially what you have do...



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Better known as Luna-tic
Artist | Hobbyist | Design & Interfaces
Just another teenager that watches MLP:FIM.
That would make me a brony I guess, and i'm proud of it, regardless of what others say.

I dispise everything R34 related, as I am what everyone call's a "Purist" when it comes to these things...

Also, thanks in advance to any artist/s that I have used one of their images for an avatar or display picture.

**Please Read**
I also share my favourite artists fabulous work on my little page at Moddb, I give FULL credit to the respective artist where due, thankyou in advance :)

If you feel there is something wrong with this, please let me know and we can work something out...

Bronies of Moddb

My Gaming PC 2012:

CPU: Intel i7 3820 @ 3.6GHz (3.8 Turbo), Quad Core cooled by a CoolerMaster X6
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws Z DDR3 16gb at 1600MHz, 9-9-9-24, Quad channel, XMP 1.2
HDD: Corsair Force GT SSD with 2tb of WD 7200RPM Caviar Black Drives, more in a box for spares
GPU: MSI GTX 560 Ti Hawk 1gb @ 950MHz Core OC and 4200MHz VRAM w/ Twin Frozor III, may SLI later
MB: ASRock Extreme9 X79 Platform, LGA 2011
PSU: OCZ Fatal1ty 750w Modular, 4x 12v Rails @ 18A
OD: Samsung BD RW Drive
Case: Lancool PC-K62 (Heavily Modified by Me)

.... I think I got it all :)
Also, this girl is amazing, the Mare of My Nights ~
I have been elected as a co-founder for the group known as #Puristic-bronies!

This group was made by ~Exalted40000 for artwork that was not related to fanon and topics outside the show, only artwork that is based off the shows characters and it's story is allowed, alter personalities are not welcome

So if you're an artist reading this, and you make artwork that reflects the show's original characters, be sure to give us a look or submit some artwork of your own ^_^



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